4 Things Trichiasis Sufferers Need To Know About Laser Treatment

Normally, the eyelashes should grow away from the eyes, but in some cases, the eyelashes are misdirected and grow towards the eyes. This condition is known as trichiasis, and it's a serious problem. The misdirected lashes can cause pain and damage to the eyes, so they need to be treated. Laser treatment is available for this condition; here are four things trichiasis sufferers need to know about laser treatment. How is laser treatment performed? [Read More]

Understanding Eye Problems Related To Diabetes

While the complications associated with diabetes are relatively well understood, there are a number of areas often overlooked by patients and doctors alike. One such area is the relationship between diabetes and your eyes. As such, if you suffer from diabetes, it's important you understand this relationship and how to protect yourself against any damage occurring. The Effect of Diabetes on Your Eyes While diabetes is typically associated with blood flow problems, it can also affect your eye in a number of different ways: [Read More]